About Us

Go Get It is a new upcoming business, Australian owned and operated, that strives to help young aspiring athletes and players on their journeys.
Unlike the big companies, Get Get It is all about community and their customers. You will find us on the weekends down at local clubs and tournaments supporting players and the game.
Go Get It Sport was founded by Connor and Tiana in 2021.

Connor is passionate about football and has been playing around Brisbane for over 16 years. He still plays locally and loves it. GGI is his other passion as he aims to help other aspiring players like himself. Being so involved with the game made it easy to help come up with GGI, because he already knew what players were looking for and made it a reality.
Tiana has been following and supporting Connors football journey for over 7 years. After buying him his first pair of grip socks, a seed was planted. Since then it has grown into what GGI is today. She is the brains behind the operation and when combined with Connors football knowledge makes the perfect team.
Being a young business means every sale, every review and every customer is cherished. That’s how you know you will receive the best customer service, we always want to help you the best we can.
Being so involved with the community means we not only want to offer a great service but we also believe in our products. Our socks have been tested and trialled to find the prefect materials and design to make the ideal sock. Socks that not only look and feel good but actually last. No more buying multiple replacements during the middle of the season. 

Go Get It Sport, originally Go Get It Grip Socks has continued to grow and expand. Although our initial focus was on grip socks, different opportunities have arose meaning we expanded and now also offer sporting jerseys and fishing shirts. 
Despite this, our values still remain the same, We want to keep our customers happy. This means we prioritise the quality of our products and the quality of our service. With GGI we want you to have the best. So join the GGI family.
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